Classic racks can be built to any size. They can be built for small vehicles such as a Mini Cooper or PT Cruiser or for larger vehicles like Suburbans or motor homes. A solid wood floor with a non-skid rubber matting can also be installed over the existing slats which then makes a great platform for viewing outdoor events such as car shows and parades. MOST IMPORTANT - mounting our racks involves NO DRILLING! They are easily mounted and removed from any vehicle.

The aluminum rails, stanchions, legs & feet are tumbled only.

Most racks are made out of fir as were the original racks (NOS). The wood can be stained or painted any color to match your vehicle or made from most specialty woods. We currently have two 90" "new old stock" (NOS) racks with the original 1950 "patina". They each have a platform on them and would have to be shipped by freight.

Prices depend on the size of the rack as well as the number of stanchions and "floating feet", the type of wood and the finish on the metal parts. Please email any questions to or call 209 247-5837 for a quote for your vehicle.

There is an extra charge for NOS, custom color, Watco stain or any custom features.

We do sell replacement parts. Email for prices.

Prices do not include shipping or taxes.


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